Hybrid Events

Question: What is a hybrid event?

Answer: It is simply an event where there is both an in-person audience in a venue and remote online audience. This may also include contributors/speakers being both in-person and remote.

At Venue Audio Visual, we work with you to realise your vision for what the in-person and online participant experience should encompass.

We provide the equipment on-site, the platform and technical support to make your event successful for ALL participants, regardless of their location.

From small workshops and courses where we interface our equipment with your favourite platforms such as Zoom or Teams, to a high profile conference or event with a bespoke online platform with thousands of participants, we have a vast amount of experience in delivering successful hybrid events.

Why not get in touch to arrange a demo of what we can do for you.

Virtual Events

We have built a reputation for providing virtual event services to suit a huge range of event profiles.

We have our own virtual event platform that is branded and highly customisable to cater for your requirements.

Our bespoke event portals often include:

– Live streaming of real-time or pre-recorded talks with live Q&A sessions.
– Multi-channel simultaneous streams for parallel or breakout sessions.
– Audience participation via text or video based participation.
– Event resources, such as videos, documents, speaker biographies etc.
– Interactive poster sessions for academic conferences.
– Editing and hosting of live sessions for on demand viewing.
– Portal live chat system.
– Fun webcam based networking spaces.
– Unique secure logins for all delegates.
– Dedicated technical production technicians and event organisers.
– Pre-recording and talk editing services.

Every event is different, so please get in touch with us to arrange a demo of our platform.

Interesting fact . . .

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, to date, we have produced over 110 virtual conferences using our bespoke platform

Good to know

Having successfully delivered over 40 of their multi-day virtual conferences over the last 2.5 years, encompassing thousands of delegates using our event platform, Wellcome Connecting Science have chosen to deliver all conferences for the foreseeable future as hybrid, using Venue Audio Visual’s platform, production and editing team.

Successful partnerships

The University of Cambridge’s internationally renowned Institute for Sustainability Leadership have been working with us for over a decade to help deliver their programmes.

In recent years Venue AV have been working at a multitude of venues, ranging from Hotels, Colleges and Conference Centres, providing professional hybrid event equipment and technical support to help deliver their programmes to a both in-person and internationally located cohort.

What equipment does Venue Audio Visual provide for a typical hybrid event?

We can put together a comprehensive package of equipment and technical support for any size or type of event, in any venue. Typically we are providing the following hybrid event equipment, though this does vary depending on what your chosen venue has installed:

– Multiple PTZ video cameras with a joystick controller for the operator.
– Broadcast style video cameras with individual operators.
– Video mixing desk.
– Presentation slide feed interface.
– High spec hybrid workstation computer.
– Solid state recording decks.
– Additional large LED screens to show remote participants and Q&A.
– Microphones.
– Audio mixing desk.