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Virtual Conferences

An exciting new service (so new we haven't had a chance to develop this part of the website yet).

Our virtual conference offering came about due to our clients requesting our help to keep their conferencing calendar on track during the hugely disruptive global Coronavirus outbreak. Speakers and delegates could no longer make it to the client's venue in the UK, so we were tasked with bringing the conference to the delegates at their location anywhere in the world.

Because of the truly global delegate and speaker demographic, it would not have been practical to run the conference as a webinar due to varying time zones. However, the client was keen to ensure delegates and speakers could still interact.

In brief, what we offer is the following:

  • We liaise with your invited speakers to arrange remotely recording their talk via their computer. This includes video, audio and most importantly, the presenter's slides. 
  • We edit the speakers recorded presentations into the order of the client's programme.
  • We create a conference mini site (or portal) which is branded with the client's logo and information about their event.
  • The videos are uploaded in easy to navigate titled sessions, as all talks in each session are usually on a given topic.
  • Each session is chapterised so viewers can easily navigate to a particular speaker in a session.
  • Viewers can ask questions about the talks in the session using the Q&A area below the session video.
  • Speakers can answer and moderate the questions.
  • If the conference would have had a poster session, we can enable this as part of the mini site to allow posters to be viewed, with the option Q&A.

We're not re-inventing the wheel here, we're simply packaging this for our clients in a quick and easy to deploy solution with high quality design and production, viewer engagement and interaction. After all, the conference must go on!!