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PA Systems, Microphones & Push to Talk systems supplied for hire

We specialise in hiring out high quality sound systems, delivered and set up by experienced professionals to ensure that no matter what venue you are using, you can be heard.

From a small meeting to a large conference or outdoor show, we can supply and set up the equipment you need to make your event successful.


PA systems

We have an extensive range of top-quality audio equipment to suit any venue. We will tailor a system to meet your individual requirements.

Our PA systems are supplied and set up with everything you need for your event. We will advise you of the best combination of speakers, mixer, amplifier and processing you need.


  • Handheld radio microphones
  • Lapel / tie clip radio microphones
  • Headset radio microphones
  • Catchbox throwable microphones
  • Conference / lectern and table microphones
  • Boundary and condenser microphones  
  • Microphones for video production

Recorders & players

  • Solid state Mp3/WAV recorders
  • CD players/recorders
  • Minidisc players/recorders

Loop Systems for the hard of hearing

  • Infra-red or induction loop systems for any size of venue
Please note: This is a small selection of the products available, all items can be hired individually or as a complete system.

Congress, push to talk discussion systems


Our push to talk discussion systems are designed to make your meetings run smoother than ever. Delegates can clearly hear each other as each microphone station has its own built in speaker and red light which illuminates when active. The chairperson has full control over the meeting and can mute all delegates at the same time by using their priority button.

Push to talk has proven very popular for large boardroom style discussions, public inquiries and more recently to provide high quality audio for web streaming and video conferencing meetings and events.


  • System easily expandable for large round table gatherings.
  • Meetings can be recorded to all common formats.
  • Use in conjunction with one of our PA systems for public galleries.
  • All systems are delivered and set up by our experienced team
  • Technicians can be booked to operate the equipment to ensure peace of mind.

Click here for a comprehensive list of our range of sound equipment available for hire