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Interpretation Systems

There are two common types of interpretation available for your meeting, conference, lecture or event.
Simultaneous (performed as the speaker delivers a speech and with the help of interpreting equipment) or consecutive (the interpreter listens to portions of a speech at a time, then interprets the segments as the original speaker is silent).

Consecutive Interpretation

Best suited to smaller groups, consecutive interpretation offers a cost effective solution to the language barrier. Your presenter will speak and then pause while your interpreter repeats the sentence.
This service is usually delivered from a small sound system with microphones or a round table congress system with headphones and can also be delivered via a tour guide style system.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For larger groups and conferences. Your interpreters will provide a seamless interpretation in real time without pause from the presenter, this allows for an uninterrupted presentation or lecture which maintains flow.


This service is delivered wirelessly to the delegates. Each delegate is issued with a receiver and headphones, if the meeting is being interpreted into more than one language, the listener can select their preferred language on their receiver.

The interpreters are housed in sound reducing booth, usually within sight of the presenter. Interpreters usually work in pairs, so each booth will house two interpreters and contain a system for them to take the interpretation in turns. If more than one language is required additional booths are used.


Simultaneous Interpretation with Web Streaming and Recording

Also available is our simultaneous interpretation system with web streaming for delegates unable to attend in person. The conference, meeting or even individual lectures can be streamed over the web were invited guests can log on with a pre issued access code. A choice of audio feeds can be sent from the interpreters along with presentation content including PowerPoint slides.
Recordings can be made to allow for post event guests to view at a later date.

No matter what style of interpretation is required for your event, here at Venue Audio Visual, our well maintained, modern stock of equipment is ready to be supplied for any hire duration, and is expertly set up and supported by our experienced technicians. 

  • System easily expandable and can be used with congress, push to talk system or public address systems for larger meetings.
  • All systems are delivered and set up by our experienced team.
  • Our technicians will be on site to operate the equipment to ensure peace of mind.