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Filming, Editing & Web streaming services

Venue offer a full range of event recording services. We have invested in the latest High Definition equipment to ensure we can capture your event in excellent quality.


Event filming

We specialise in filming live events such as conferences, award ceremonies, religious services and exhibitions.

We provide the latest in high definition video cameras and equipment, coupled with experienced camera operators to ensure your event is recorded in excellent quality. We can provide multiple cameras if required to ensure nothing is missed.

We have built a reputation with our clients for consistently delivering the highest quality footage coupled with flawless sound quality.


Once your event has been filmed, we offer a complete in house editing service. In the case of a conference, this will entail editing in the presentation slides in sync with the speaker, editing out pauses and breaks, adding title slides, captions and branding etc.

For events such as award ceremonies, we get more creative, editing multiple camera shots together, inserting high definition graphics, over dubbing the audio enhancing the footage to gain maximum impact.

We provide the finished edit to you in your choice of almost any format, such as:

  • Video files (Mp4, mov, Flv etc) for use online (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray

On Demand Service

Once your conference or event is recorded and edited, we can host the footage for 'on demand' viewing (like your events own personal iPlayer).

We organise your footage on an easy to navigate, mini site which can be password protected. We will give you a link to distribute to your chosen viewers and can make the site available to them for as long as you choose. We can provide you with useful statistics to show you how many views each video has had, and how many views your mini site has had in total.

This has proven an extremely popular choice with our clients who are impressed at how quicky we can get the event up online after it has finished.

Please contact us for more details about this service, including samples of our work.

Web streaming

If you would like others to be able to view/listen to your event in real time over the internet then we offer a web streaming service. We can either make the event viewable to the general public via a link on a website, or you can invite a select audience who will have access. 

Web streams can be audio only or audio and video. Your chosen venue must have a broadband connection with adequate bandwidth. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.