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Video Cameras, Recording, Mixing & Signal Management

PTZ Broadcast Cameras
High Definition PTZ camera - with 30x zoom - HDMI, HD-SDI & NDI
PTZ Joystick controller 
Video Cameras
4K Professional video camera
High Definition professional cinema camera with interchangeable lenses
High Definition professional video camera
High Definition compact handheld video camera
High Definition 'GoPro' action video camera
4K Handheld gimble video camera
High Definition time lapse video camera - Waterproof
Webcam - High Definition USB - Attaches to top of screens and monitors
Note: Our range of PTZ and professional video cameras can be used as high-end webcams
by combining with one of our capture devices
Video Camera Tripods and Mounts
Professional fluid head tripod - supplied in carry bag
Budget tripod
Camera Clamp - allows cameras to be attached to truss, rigging etc.
Professional Video Recorders
HD SSD recorder with built in 4.5" touch screen monitor - HDMI input and loop out
HD SSD recorder with built in 4.5" touch screen monitor - SDI input and loop out
Live Video Capture, Streaming & Encoding 
HD multi input video to USB3 capture device - Takes HDMI, VGA or DVI and outputs to USB
 4K video to USB3 capture device - Takes 4K HDMI and outputs to USB
UHD multi input capture device - Tales HD-SDI, HDMI and analogue audio inputs and outputs to USB
Live HD stream encoder - accepts an HDMI input and streams via ethernet or wifi
Video and Computer Signal Mixers, Scalers & Switchers
Vision Mixers and Seamless Switchers
Vision mixer - SDI, HDMI and VGA inputs - Scaling on all inputs and outputs, keying
4K Vision mixer - SDI and HDMI inputs - Keying - PiP layers 
Seamless switcher 2M/E - Multiple HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI inputs - Supplied in rack with 2 x 7" HD monitors
Mini vision mixer/matrix switcher - Small footprint with HDMI inputs and outputs
Presentation Switchers
Presentation scaler/switcher - 2 x HDMI, 2 x VGA, CV, component + audio inputs 
Presentation scaler/switcher - 2 x HDMI,1 x 3G HD−SDI 2 x VGA, CV, component + audio inputs 
4K Presentation scaler switcher with HDBT - HDMI, HDBT and VGA inputs to HDMI and HDBT outputs
Matrix Switchers
8 x 4 HDMI matrix switcher
4 x 4 HDMI matrix switcher
Video and Computer Signal Converters and Distributors
Signal Converters/Scalers
Multi input scan converter - HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA & CV to HDMI and HD-SDI
Down-Up-Cross converter - HD-SDI and HDMI inputs to simultaneous HDMI and HDMI outputs
HDMI to HD-SDI converter
HD-SDI to HDMI converter
HD-SDI to composite video converter/scaler
HDMI signal extender
Signal Over Cat6
4K HDMI over Cat6 transmitter and receiver kit - HDBT
4K HDMI in to 8 HDBT out distributor
Signal Distributors
4K 1 in 4 out HDMI distributor
1 in 4 out VGA/UXGA distributor