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PA systems, microphones and sound equipment

PA systems - Come with everything you need to get up and running - just add your choice of microphones
Standard PA Systems
2 Speaker  PA system - for small meeting rooms
4 Speaker  PA system - for large meeting rooms / small auditorium & halls 
6 Speaker  PA system - for auditorium, halls and large spaces
8 Speaker  PA system - for large auditorium, halls and large spaces
Optional pair subwoofer speaker cabinets for any of the above systems for added depth of sound
Line Array
Line array PA package - Comprising 6 x two-way active line array modules, 2 x 18" active subwoofers 
Larger line array systems available - Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Other PA
Battery or mains powered speaker with integrated 4 channel mixer and bluetooth
Portable mini line array PA with integrated 4 channel mixer and bluetooth
Dual portable mini line array PA system with 10 channel mixer
Active 8" monitor speaker
15 watt mini active speaker - ideal for laptop sound in a meeting room
Radio microphones
Handheld UHF radio microphone
Lapel/tie clip UHF radio microphone
Headset UHF radio microphone
Catchbox pro throwable foam cube microphone
Wired microphones
Lectern shotgun microphone (supplied with clamp or base)
Table shotgun microphone (supplied with base)
Omnidirectional 'boundary' microphone
Dynamic/vocal handheld wired microphone (SM58)
Condenser microphone 
Gooseneck microphone
Video camera shotgun condenser microphone (supplied with camera mount)
Push-to-talk microphones
Push to talk - delegate’s unit (push to talk microphone station with built in speaker)
Push to talk - chairman’s unit (as above with button to override delegate units)
Push to talk - control unit (supplied at no extra charge when booking 5 or more push-to-talk mics)
Push to talk - control unit with built in feedback destroyer and Mp3 recorder
Microphone accessories
UHF wireless transmitter - XLR input
UHF wireless bodypack receiver - Supplied with 3.5mm jack to XLR output lead
Microphone stand
Microphone clamp
Microphone base
Boom pole - 3 meter telescopic with shock mount
Deadcat (wind shield for video camera shotgun mic)
FETHEAD Phantom (in-line 18db amplification)
Phantom power supply (48v)
Shock mount for condenser/video camera microphones
Audio support for the hard of hearing
Induction loop system for the hard of hearing
Infra-red loop system for the hard of hearing (supplied with 4 neck loops)
Additional neck loops for infra-red system
Tourguide System
Tourguide Package 1 - 1 x transmitter with microphone and 10 receivers with headphones
Tourguide Package 2 - 2 x transmitters with microphones and 30 receivers with headphones  
Additional 10 receivers with headphones
Audio players and recorders
CD player
CD recorder
MP3/WAV solid state recorder/player
Mini disk recorder/player
Mixing desks (inputs/XLR inputs with phantom power)
Digital Mixing Desks 
Digital mixing desk 32/32 channel (with full manual or iPad control)
Digital ethernet snake for digital desk - 16 XLR in/8 XLR returns
Analogue Mixing Desks
Analogue mixing desk 8/6 channel
Analogue mixing desk 10/6 channel
Analogue mixing desk 18/10 channel
Powered Mixing Desks
Analogue 12/8 channel - 1000w (with onboard eq and effects)
Power amplifiers & processors
We have a range of power amplifier racks available - please contact us for details and pricing
Audio accessories 
1 in 8 out XLR balanced audio distributor 
DI box
Dual DI box
Quad DI box (rack mounted - 1U)
USB soundcard with XLR, 1/4" jack and RCA connections
Snake/stage box - 8/4 - 25 meter
Snake/stage box - 6/2 - 10 meter
Speaker stands (pair)